Friday, March 05, 2010

Caucasian Celebration: A Pictoral History of NBA White Guys

Jon Koncak

Call it apocryphal. Call it revisionist history. Call it "making things up". But most scholars maintain that Jon Koncak is the Jackie Robinson of White Guys in the NBA. He wasn't a novelty like Shawn Bradley or flashy like The Birdman or even a glue guy like Greg Kite. No, Koncak broke the Talent Barrier for White Guys, proving over his eleven year career that there would always be a role on NBA teams for oafish cornbread to average less than five points a game and eat some minutes while the guys who got paid to win games grabbed a breather.

Johnny Contract even brought a dose of the real world to the NBA in 1989 when he signed a 6 year, $13 million deal that paid him more than two more qualified brothers named Magic and MJ. Also, as if he wasn't white enough, he's an Eagle Scout.

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