Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Five Reasons to Not Assume UVA Basketball is Overrated

So UVA basketball beat UNC Wilmington last night, it's 8th straight win, and currently stands atop the ACC at 3-0. Normally, this would be cause for Richard Jewell-esque hysteria as we wondered when the axe would fall and somehow the season would turn for the worst. I say this time is different. Here's some reasons why:

1) The Cville Thunderin' Nerd Herd won 4 ACC games last year. This year's squad is 75% of the way to equaling last year's tranny pageant of a conference win total. In the 100 mile-long sliding scale of UVA athletics, that has to be worth something

2) UVA is 10-1 at home this season. They have upset 3 top-25 teams at the JPJ. With six home games left, it's reasonable to assume at least a split in those games. Toss in a win at BC, Va Tech, and Miami, and you're looking at a 9-7 regular season and a first-day bye at the ACC Tournament. Again, a long way to go, but still the best prospects since before Travis Watson trucked off to make his fortune at Armani Jeans Milano.

3) Apparently in 2007 Tony Bennett tried to fight Tim Floyd in the tunnel to the locker rooms after a Wazzu game vs. USC. Awesome.

4) Jamil Tucker is no longer gayin' up the locker room